2022 Registration Information (Wyevale Baseball)

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When does the season begin?
All divisions begin the week of May 23rd. End dates will depend on playoff games.
U5 & U7 divisions usually run for 10 weeks.

What are the registration fees and what do they cover?
Registration fee information can be found here.

How do I pay?
After you have filled out the registration information there will be a submit button. Then it will take you to another page to add payment. Payment must be made here. Registration is not complete until payment is received. All players must have a copy of their birth certificate submitted with their registration. They will not be permitted to play unless this is done. We will not chase players for this information.

What equipment will I need to participate?
Required equipment info can be found here.

What days & times are games?
  U5 - Wednesdays @ 6:00pm (To be confirmed once coaches are established)
  U7 - Wednesdays @ 7:00pm (To be confirmed once coaches are established)
  U9 - Mondays @ 6:45pm
U11 - Tuesdays @ 6:45pm
U13 - Wednesdays @ 6:45pm
U15 - Thursdays @ 6:45pm
U17 - Mondays @ 6:45pm or 8:30pm

What level is T-Ball?
As with most sporting organizations Softball Canada has moved to age categories, not named categories.  U9 will be the old Tyke and will be the first age group that participates in GBMSL league play.  For Wyevale's purpose we are designing a specific 9 week program for both U7 & U5.  The program will focus on developing athletes first, and phase in sport specific skills, preparing them for eventual participation in the GBMSL (and beyond hopefully).  And yes in many cases batting will utilize a tee.

Do players need to be vaccinated in order to play?
With the new mandates put in place as of March 21st, we are no longer required to only accept vaccinated players. Keep in mind that if mandates change again within Simcoe County then we will have to adjust our policy to comply with governmental mandates.

What is the advantage of registering early?
Although we try every effort to ensure that all players receive a spot to play in their division, unfortunately there are times where there are too many open spots available and a full team cannot be made. Spots are generally reserved on a first come, first served basis as registration forms & fees are received. Keep in mind that your child is not "registered" until payment has been received.

Who gets registration priority?
Spots are given out on a 1st come 1st served basis within the following priority groupings:

Priority #1 - Players who played with Wyevale Tribe in 2019.
Priority #2 - Everybody else

All players must have a copy of their birth certificate submitted with their registration. They will not be permitted to play unless this is done and we will not chase players for this information.

Where will our games and practices be?
Home games will be played in Wyevale at the Wyevale Parks and Recreation baseball diamonds. Away games will be at any of the other towns within the GBMSL. See the list of diamonds under the "Diamonds" tab in the main menu.

How many players will be on a team?
Our ideal number for U9-U17 is 12 - 13 players per team. 

Will you have only 1 team per division?
We are willing to have multiple teams in each division if there is enough interest. 

If there are multiple teams in a division, how do you divide up the players?
Siblings will be placed on the same team, and from there players will be divided in such away to ensure both teams are competitive with each other. Requests for friends to play together will be granted as much as possible if skill levels are even amongst the teams within the division.

OASA Competitive Team
Would you like to tryout for the U15 OASA Competitive Team?

When & where are the tournaments the Competitive team will participate in?
The OASA has released all the dates but only a few locations at this point.  All the tournaments are listed on the OASA site (https://oasa.ca/sanctioned-tournaments/).
This team will also play within the GBMSL recreational league, but will be entered in the division above their normal category (U15 Competitive will play within the U17 GBMSL Division).

Tournament Dates are:
July 8 - 10th in Grafton, ON
July 23rd - 24th (location still TBD)
One other invitational tournament - dates/location TBD

There may also be a few games we will travel to on Saturdays.

You would be expected to attend one practice per week (date/time TBD) and the 3 tournaments.

How do I register?
If you would also like to play in the U15 recreational league (with other players who are not on the U15 OASA team) then please fill out the registration form for that and click on the question Tryout for the Competitive team (U15 only).

If you are only interested in playing on the competitive team then click here to fill out the form. Please ensure you are able to attend all 3 tournaments and the majority of practices. Since this team will also be entered in the U17 GBMSL recreational division you will be expected to attend those games as well.

If you have any questions please email [email protected] and put OASA in the subject line.